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Upgrade your KAD42 or KAMD42 with a silencer kit. These kits will increase the sound comfort level, especially at full throttle, and you will enjoy a quieter boat with increased comfort for all on board. The kits give KAD42/KAMD42 owners the same level of silencing that is standard with KAD43/KAMD43 and KAD44/KAMD44.

Includes upper and lower silencers, new heat exchanger, Volvo Penta’s new type of expansion tank, plus all connection components. The new expansion tank has a larger volume which allows installation of a cooler low-level alarm. The new heat exchanger also ensures that the cooling system functions well. This means that you get as good a cooling effect as in a new engine.

Fits KAD42-A/KAMD42-A up to serial no. 2204205276.

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Motor/drev: KAD42B, KAD42P-A, KAMD42B, KAMD42P-A


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