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QL In-Line blowers provide ventilation for bilges, engine compartments, galleys and heads. Designed for efficient, high outputoperation, these blowers features front and rear shaft seals and corrosion resistant motor housings for long life. Compact and easily installed on any flat surface, QL In-Line blowers provide higher air flow, lower amp draw and quieter operation than standard blowers.

The QL In-Line blower is designed for easy installation. It may be positioned anywhere along the length of ducting leading to the area being ventilated. The blower may be secured to any solid, flat mounting surface and oriented in any direction. NB. For maximum motor protection, it is best to mount the blower where it will not be exposed to moisture from spray or deck wash and slightly inclined so any moisture will drain back to the lower end of the duct run.


– Complies with ISO 9097 Marine

– N.M.M.A. type accepted

– Meets USCG 183.410 and ISO 8846 Marine (ignition protection)

– Optimized design produce high volume air flow.

– Designed for easy installation.

– Mounts in any position to any flat surface.

– Grip tab duct connections prevent clamp slide-off.

– Sealed motor shafts for moisture protection.

– Low current draw.

– Corrosion resistant materials throughout.

Artikelnr Duct Air flow Amp Model Voltage Fuse Amp Pris (SEK)
41103900 3"  3.8 m3/min. (135 CFM)  2.9 A  ILB135  12 V  4 A  0,00
Motor/drev: All
41103901 4"  6.6 m3/min. (235 CFM)  4.3 A  ILB235  12 V  7 A  0,00
Motor/drev: All


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